City Manager's Office


The City Manager is the administrative head of city government in cities with a council-manager form of government. The City Manager is appointed by the City Council to enforce city laws, direct the daily operations of the city government, prepare the municipal budget, and implement policies and programs initiated by the City Council. All general city press releases come through the City Manager.

The City Manager is responsible to the City Council, rather than to individual Council Members, and directs and coordinates the various City departments. The City Manager also serves as Executive Director for the City's Improvement Agency.

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Governing Codes

The City Manager is governed by the International City Management Association Code of Ethics that provides the framework for City Manager and City Council relations. The Grover Beach Municipal Code Section 2108 also governs these relations.

Municipal Code Section 2108

This section states that City Council and its members, whenever possible, shall deal with the operations of the city only through the City Manager, except for purposes of inquiry, advice, information, or to follow up. This section helps to keep continuity of communication, direction, and planning within the city organizational structure.