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Benefits For Business
Benefits for Business
Grover Beach is the place to be for businesses who desire the fastest broadband connection available or who demand next-hop connections between the Trans-Pacific continents and emerging markets in South America. Businesses currently located in Grover Beach, and those looking to relocate here, will reap the following benefits:

Lowest Latency Routes

With a point-of-presence (POP) at Pacific Crossing, you get the lowest latency routes to international ports and markets. Reducing latency by up to 30 milliseconds for commercial carrier routes, this translates into the fastest, most reliable overseas connection port between Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Redundant Power

You expect your data and Internet connectivity to be up and running 24/7/365. With the redundant power potential in Grover Beach, local businesses and data centers can benefit from the efficiency, reliability, and peace-of-mind this redundancy provides. 

Business-Friendly City Council
With access to ready-to-build, pre-entitled vacant lots, businesses (big and small) can build to their desired size and location. By offering a flexible, expedited permitting process, Grover Beach promotes a growth-friendly environment customizable to both business and family needs. 

Prime Real Estate

With 135 acres of industrial land and infrastructure in place, property in Grover Beach is available, affordable, and accessible. Virtually at the water’s edge, both residential and commercial properties are available in California’s only undeveloped beach town.

Quality Employment

San Luis Obispo County offers an ambitious pool of engineers, technicians, and designers from the California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, and Cuesta and Allan Hancock Community Colleges. Students who move here for education seek quality employment to live and work on the Central Coast long-term.

Accessible Transportation

With close proximity to San Luis Obispo, Santa Maria, and Santa Barbara airports, an Amtrak train station in Grover Beach, and direct access to US Highway 101 and Pacific Coast Highway 1, you can select various options for personal travel and product distribution.

A Great Place
to Spread Your Wings

An unequaled quality of life that boasts a beautiful coastline, temperate climate, and plenty of recreational and cultural activities (from surfing and golf, to wine tasting and theatre), San Luis Obispo County offers unique amenities for businesspeople and families alike.

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