Project Updates

Creating a Better Place

The City of Grover Beach is undertaking several prominent projects to stimulate new investment, revitalize neighborhoods, and create a better place for people to live, work, and enjoy their lives. Your questions and comments are welcome.

Measure K-14 - Street Rehabilitation and Safety Bond Measure

On November 4, 2014, Grover Beach voters approved a bond measure to specifically fund repairing our streets. Over the next 25 years, the City has voter-approval to issue up to $48 million in bonds to fund the Street Rehabilitation and Repair Program. With a significant number of streets needing repair, the City Council held public meetings and issued a citizen survey to gather input from the public and stakeholders on street repair priorities. Community input was combined with pavement data and recommendations from engineering consultants and City staff to inform the City Council's decision on the following course of action:

  • Blended Approach for the Street Selection Process - High priority streets and fully deteriorated streets will be identified for maintenance or rehabilitation with approximately 30% designated for community priorities, 10% for maintenance, and 60% for rehabilitation of streets identified as being in "critical" condition.
  • Street Rehabilitation and Repair Program - Streets identified for repair.

Staff contacts and additional information:

Transit Station Expansion Project

On June 19, 2018, the City Council approved contracts to begin construction on the Grover Beach Train Station Expansion Project. The project will expand the existing Amtrak train station located at 180 West Grand Avenue, Grover Beach, to incorporate bus passenger loading/unloading areas, a bus shelter, approximately 40 additional parking spaces, and provide pedestrian and bicycle connections (see Press Release (PDF)). The completed project will result in eliminating the current bus loading area east of the railroad tracks and improve safety and convenience for Amtrak passengers. On August 22, 2018, a groundbreaking ceremony (PDF) was held to mark the beginning of project construction. 

The project, which has been a long-standing priority for the City, is a $3 million grant-funded, regional multi-modal transportation project through the collaborative efforts between the City of Grover Beach, the San Luis Obispo Council of Governments (SLOCOG), and San Luis Obispo County Parks Department. Additional project funding is through LOSSAN, a joint powers authority that works to increase ridership, capacity, reliability, and safety on the coast rail line between San Luis Obispo, Los Angeles, and San Diego. Staff contacts and additional information:

Grover Beach Lodge & Conference Center

Pacifica Companies Submits Planning Application. In February 2010, Pacifica Companies submitted a planning application to the City of Grover Beach for the Grover Beach Lodge and Conference Center. The project is located in the City of Grover Beach between the Pacific Ocean and State Highway One, at the end of West Grand Avenue. The approximately 13.4-acre project site is within Pismo State Beach and the property is owned by the State Department of Parks and Recreation.

The proposed project consists of a 150-room hotel with conference center and restaurant consisting of four buildings not to exceed 40 feet in height, totaling approximately 123,604 square feet. The site would also include improvements to the existing public plaza area within the State Park, including new walkways and paths, redesign of the existing parking area, riparian enhancement to Meadow Creek and dune restoration. In addition, several interpretive displays would be provided for environmental education. The project proposes to relocate the existing equestrian parking area and the recreational vehicle sewer dump station. 

Environmental Impact Report. A Revised Final Environmental Impact Report (FEIR) for the proposed Grover Beach Lodge and Conference Center has been completed and is available for review or purchase at Grover Beach City Hall, Community Development Department, 154 South 8th Street, Grover Beach.

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West Grand Avenue Master Plan

The West Grand Avenue Master Plan establishes design guidelines for future development of public and private projects along the entire West Grand Avenue corridor from the beach to 260 feet east of Oak Park Boulevard and generally bounded by Ramona Avenue to the north and Rockaway Avenue to the south. The Plan implements the goals of the City's General Plan to revitalize the corridor into a vibrant, economically sound, and pedestrian-oriented corridor.

Staff contact: Email the Community Development Director Bruce Buckingham or call (805) 473-4520.

West Grand Avenue Enhancement Project, Phase 3 (from the beach to Highway 1)

Phase 3 of the West Grand Avenue Enhancement Project concentrates on improvements between the beach and Highway 1 (Pacific Coast Highway) to improve pedestrian and bicycle access while maintaining the existing road capacity for three oversized lanes (two westbound and one eastbound).

This state and federally funded project is located on West Grand Avenue adjacent to the Pismo State Beach and west of Highway 1. Improvements will consist of a new 10-foot wide concrete multi-use path, reconfiguration of the travel lanes, new curb and gutter, crosswalks with decorative paving, lighting, installation of native dune landscaping, and a decomposed granite path that will assist pedestrians and equestrians with access to the Grand Dune Trail located to the south of West Grand Avenue. (Note: This project and its funding is separate from the projects funded by the local voter-approved Street Rehabilitation Bond Measure K-14.)

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West Grand Avenue Enhancement Project, Phase 2, 8th through 11th Streets (completed)

Phase 2 of the West Grand Avenue Enhancement Project focused on our downtown corridor to enhance and clearly define the City's downtown core, slow traffic, and encourage pedestrian use. Improvements included new median landscaping with palm trees and lighting, decorative concrete crosswalks and intersections bike lanes, and striping.

Major funding sources for construction of Phase 2 were the State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) and Transportation Enhancement (TE) Grant. Other sources included the Urban and Regional State Highway account, Traffic Congestion Relief Funds, Gas Tax revenues, and a small amount from the City's General Fund and Water Fund.

Completion of this project phase continues the improvements of our City's western gateway, enhances safety for pedestrians and cyclists, and is part of the City Council's adopted economic development strategy to support existing businesses and attract new business development.

Staff contacts and additional information:

West Grand Avenue Enhancement Project - "Beach Walk" (completed)

The West Grand Avenue Enhancement Project provides a focal point entry into our community and creates a strong visual and pedestrian connection between the future Grover Beach Lodge and Conference Center and the east side of Highway 1. It distinctly defines Grover Beach as a coastal community to visitors accessing Pismo State Beach and the dunes area at West Grand Avenue, as well as those traveling on Amtrak passenger rail or motorcoach service.

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Citywide Sidewalk Improvements

Construction of new sidewalks and corner ramps to enhance pedestrian access throughout the City.

South 13th Street from Manhattan Avenue to Trouville Avenue
(This first project was completed in Spring 2013)

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Grover Heights Elementary School - Safe Routes to School Project (completed)

The Safe Routes to School program creates practical projects to make routes safer for children to walk and bicycle to school with improvements such as sidewalks, lighted crosswalks, and new traffic striping. Funding is provided through the Safe Routes to School grant.

The project at Grover Heights Elementary School included construction of a retaining wall and sidewalk at the corner of Ritchie Road and North 8th Street, construction of small sections of sidewalk along Ritchie Road, installation of a lighted crosswalk at the intersection of North 4th Street and Atlantic City Avenue, and new traffic striping on Atlantic City Avenue between 4th Street and Oak Park Boulevard.

Staff contact: Email the Public Works Director/City Engineer Gregory A. Ray or call (805) 473-4520.