Major Changes to Development Code Adopted

On June 13, 2022 the Grover Beach City Council adopted a Development Code amendment that makes significant changes to the City’s development review process and development standards. The Development Code amendment (Ordinance 22-06) will take effect on Wednesday July 13, 2022 for the area of the City that is not within the Coastal Zone. The area within the Coastal Zone must be approved by the California Coastal Commission before becoming effective which is anticipated in August or September. You can view the staff report and ordinance at We highly recommend you review the Development Code amendments before starting the design of any new projects, or prior to submitting any projects during this transition period.

Here is a brief summary of the key Development Code amendments:

  • Eliminates the requirement of a Development Permit (discretionary permit typically reviewed by the Planning Commission) and instead allows the following projects by-right (ministerial review) through a Zoning Clearance process, which can be completed either prior to or concurrently with a building permit submittal: 
    • Residential Projects – projects with 4 or less units
    • Mixed-Use Projects – projects with 9 or less units
    • Affordable Housing Projects – projects that provide 25% or greater of the residential units as deed restricted to very-low and low-income households

**Note any proposed subdivision may still require a Planning Commission hearing, please contact us regarding proposed subdivisions**

  • Creation of a new Zoning Clearance process approved by staff for ministerial projects to ensure compliance with Development Code standards.
  • Creation of Objective Design Standards (ODS) that all new residential and mixed-use projects must comply with unless a Modifications to Standards is approved by the review authority where it can be demonstrated that the proposed project results in a superior design. Additions less than 500 square feet and remodels are exempt from complying with the objective design standards. 
  • Use of fractional density citywide to incentivize smaller units consistent with the City’s desire to promote “affordable by design” housing options, which produces smaller market rate units but are not deed restricted to low-income household. These units would count as a fraction of a density unit as follows: 
    • < 600 square feet = 0.50 unit
    • 601 - 1,000 square feet = 0.66 unit
    • 1,000+ square feet = 1.00 unit
  • For new two story residences north of West Grand Avenue, elimination of the subjective “view” findings, but now limits second story construction to 80% of the ground floor area, in addition to other objective design standards.
  • Revisions to building height, setbacks, private open space, landscaping, projections, and other site planning regulations for several zones.
  • Increase in maximum building height from 40 feet to 55 feet in the Coastal Visitor Serving (CVS), Visitor Serving (VS),  Central Business (CB), and Central Business Open (CBO) zones. 
  • Revisions to the parking standards to facilitate fractional densities. For those multi-family and mixed-use projects that incorporate at least 50 percent fractional density units, the guest parking requirement would be waived and the minimum parking requirement would be reduced to one space per unit. 
  • Modification of street improvement regulations (Development Code Section 5.20) to exempt Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) from street improvements, modify the existing 40% increase in square footage threshold to a 40% threshold or 500 square feet, whichever is greater, modify the requirements for street conforms, and eliminate the requirement to reconstruct the street to the centerline if the pavement condition index is less than 60.
  • Elimination of the requirement to underground primary utility lines and the current in-lieu fee, except for areas of the City that do not have existing overhead utilities and/or new subdivisions.

 Based on the above Development Code updates and the creation of objective design standards, staff is recommending that all projects submit for a Pre-Application review. This will allow staff to determine if the proposed project complies with the new objective design standards before proceeding with a Zoning Clearance or Development Permit application.  If you have any questions, please email us at and we would be glad to assist. 

Electronic Submittals Required for Development Applications

Development Permit Applications and related documents shall be submitted electronically in PDF format to Please clearly label and separate documents (e.g. Title Report, plans, landscape plans, etc.).  If document(s) are too large to email as an attachment, please send us an email link to the documents.

Please mail checks or money orders, made payable to the City of Grover Beach, to: City of Grover Beach, Community Development Department, 154 South 8th Street, Grover Beach, CA 93433, or place in the "Utility Payment Drop Box" at 154 South 8th Street, Grover Beach, CA 93433.

If you have any questions, including the amount due at the time of application submittal, please email, or call us at (805) 473-4520.


The Planning Division is responsible for implementing the General Plan by ensuring that development projects are consistent with the goals, policies, and programs outlined in the General Plan and by ensuring that development projects are consistent with the Grover Beach Development Code and applicable state laws. The Planning Division reviews all development permits, including Use Permits, Subdivision applications, and projects requiring environmental review. The Planning Division provides technical analysis of development permit applications and makes recommendations for consideration by the Planning Commission and City Council regarding all land use issues. The Planning Division also serves the public by responding to public inquiries regarding zoning and development.

Administratively Approved Planning Permits (FY 2018 to date)

These permits are approved by the Community Development Director. The Community Development Director's decision may be appealed to the Planning Commission within 10 working days of the approval date. Appeals shall be filed as provided in Municipal Code Article IX Development Code Section 6.30.020.

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Commercial Cannabis Permits Approved by the City Manager

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