Citizen Feedback

Citizen Feedback - Compliments or Complaints

The Grover Beach Police Department takes pride in providing professional service to our community. We recognize our responsibility to provide a process for citizens to either recognize our officers for the outstanding work they do or to receive and investigate complaints concerning members of this department.

Citizen Compliment or Note of Appreciation

If you would like an opportunity to express your appreciation for one (or more) Grover Beach Police Officers, please notify the Chief of Police so that the Officer(s) may be formally recognized and thanked for his or her service to our community. Please send your compliment or note of appreciation by either submitting a Citizen Compliment Form (PDF) or sending an email directly to the Chief of Police.

Citizen Complaint

For your concerns to receive the proper attention, and to ensure a review of the circumstances that is fair and impartial to both the citizen and the employee, please submit your complaint completing the Citizen Complaint Form (PDF) (also en Español (PDF)).

For More Information

If would like more information, please review our Citizen Complaint Process Brochure (PDF) (also en Español (PDF)).