Stormwater Management

The Federal Clean Water Act requires cities to implement a Stormwater Management Program to reduce pollutants from entering our waterways.

The City of Grover Beach is somewhat unique in that only small portions of the City are served by drainage infrastructure that terminates in a waterbody or watercourse. The majority of properties in Grover Beach drain to retention facilities or to natural impoundments created by construction of the railway and State Highway 1 (Pacific Coast Highway). Regulations are in place to control runoff and to cause runoff generated by on-site impervious surfaces to be retained and infiltrated. These regulations were implemented to control flooding caused by the lack of structures outletting to natural watercourses.

The quality of domestic water drawn from shallow wells by the City of Grover Beach is a testament to the ability of soils underlying the City to effectively filter contaminants from infiltrated runoff and to the effectiveness of measures already in place to control runoff.

The City’s Stormwater Management Program (PDF) along with educational materials are available under the Public Works Department’s Documents, Forms, and Resources.

Please review the User Guide to City Stormwater Regulations for information related to construction projects including private development projects.

To report suspected stormwater pollution, please complete a Code Enforcement Complaint Form (PDF), send an email to the Public Works Department to report the specific location, or call the Public Works Department during regular business hours at (805) 473-4530.