Measure F-20 Sales Tax Measure

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During the November 2020 General Municipal Election, Grover Beach residents will be able to vote on the proposed one-cent (or 1.0%) local transactions and use tax ("sales tax"), Measure F-20. If passed by Grover Beach voters, Measure F-20 could generate approximately $1.8 million annually to help Grover Beach address important community needs. These include infrastructure projects, economic development programs, and public safety and emergency services.

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If approved, all Measure F-20 revenues would stay local--none of it would go to the County or State. Revenues would help fund a variety of City services and programs, such as: 

  • Repairing major streets that are regional in nature with high traffic volumes, such as West Grand Avenue and Oak Park Boulevard

  • Improving miles of sidewalks to make the city more accessible for pedestrians

  • Ongoing assistance and support to help businesses be successful in the Grover Beach community, including helping counter the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic

  • Increasing public safety staffing for proactive community and neighborhood outreach work

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The 1.0% sales tax applies only to goods and services within Grover Beach, such as bars, restaurants, gasoline and retail stores like clothing stores. It does not apply to most groceries or the services of a doctor, dentist or attorney. Read this resource from The California Department of Tax and Fee Administration (CDTFA) for full details about sales tax exemptions and exclusions.

Community information mailer about Measure F-20

Informational presentation: Measure F-20 Overview

To vote on Measure F-20 in the City of Grover Beach, you need to register to vote by the October 19, 2020 deadline:

For more information about Measure F-20:

City Manager’s Office

(805) 473-4567 |

For more information about the City Council election:

Visit the November 3, 2020 General Municipal Election webpage or contact the City Clerk’s Office:

(805) 473-4568 |