Mayor Pro Tem Anna Miller

I am thankful to the residents of Grover Beach for the opportunity to serve as a city councilmember. I chose to run for this seat in 2020 because I believe we can work together to better our community. Let’s set politics aside to tackle important issues that affect us all:  

  • We must find a way to provide better access to affordable housing for families who are struggling to make ends meet.  
  • We need to continue critical street repair and other infrastructure improvements throughout our city.  
  • We must focus efforts on economic recovery for local businesses affected by the pandemic while we work to bring in new businesses. Grover Beach should be known as a city where businesses can thrive.  
  • We must consider ways to increase opportunities for resident engagement.  


I came to Grover Beach from the Seattle area over five years ago. I instantly fell in love with the city and decided to settle here with my husband, Tori, and my son, Jacob. I am employed as the Chief Operating Officer for a local non-profit developer. My strengths are in policy development, process improvement, and the creation and management of complex organizational budgets. I served on several non-profit boards. I also donate my time and expertise to numerous community agencies.  



Anna Miller

Grover Beach Councilmember