Street Trees

The Public Works Department maintains City-planted trees in improved Rights-of-Way along certain major streets. All trees in un-improved Rights-of-Way are not maintained by Public Works and are the property owner’s responsibility to maintain. Trees located on private property are maintained by the property owner. No trimming or maintenance of a City-maintained tree can take place without prior written consent from the Director of Public Works. 

Studies show that healthy, well-maintained urban canopies help remove pollutants from the air, soil, and water, help prevent the “heat island effect”, provide shade, and increase property values. It is critical that trees be maintained properly citywide to realize these benefits. If you are responsible for maintaining a street tree or a tree on your property you are encouraged to consult a certified arborist prior to commencing any work. 

Street Trees During Development

Section 5.30 of the Grover Beach Development Code provides guidance on Street Tree Regulations. Property owners, developers, and contractors are encouraged to review the requirements of this section prior to project document preparation or construction. 

Privately Maintained Street Trees Conditioned During Development

Certain developments were conditioned at time of entitlement to plant street trees that were to be maintained by the property owners even though the trees were located in the public Right-of-Way. This is especially common in areas where trees were planted in parkways between the curb and gutter and the sidewalk but some developments also planted privately-maintained trees behind the sidewalk within the public Right-of-Way. If there is a street tree fronting your property and you want to confirm if it is your responsibility to maintain it, you can contact the Community Development Department at or (805) 473-4520.

Street Tree Maintenance and Replacement Program

Looking to remove a street tree? All street tree removals require that a replacement street tree be planted. The Public Works Department has prepared a Guide to Replacing and Maintaining Street Trees that explains what should be considered when looking to replace or maintain a street tree.

Additional Street Tree Questions

Have additional questions about your street tree? Contact Public Works at or (805) 473-4530 for more information.