Street Paving and Maintenance

The City of Grover Beach has two street paving programs. The Measure K-14 Street Rehabilitation Program is a $48 million, bond-funded paving program for local streets. The Major Street Rehabilitation Program is an annual major street paving program that uses various funding sources, including tax revenues from Measure F-20. The projects in each paving program are identified in the City’s adopted Capital Improvement Program. Additionally, the Public Works Department performs ongoing roadway maintenance year-round to ensure that streets are in good condition. 

Measure K-14 Residential Street Rehabilitation Program

Measure K-14 is a $48 million bond approved by Grover Beach voters in 2014 for local road rehabilitation. All streets not listed as major streets have been, or will be, rehabilitated using Measure K-14 funding. Click here to learn more about the Measure K-14 Street Rehabilitation Program. 

Major Street Rehabilitation Program

West Grand Avenue, El Camino Real, 4th Street, Oak Park Boulevard, Farroll Road, and The Pike are the major streets in Grover Beach. Click here to learn more about the City’s Major Street Paving Program. 

Street Repair

Routine use of our roadways and inclement weather lead to degradation of roadways over time. The Public Works Department is responsible for ongoing roadway maintenance. This work happens year-round and with more intensive efforts during storm events in winter. If you would like to report a street in need maintenance, please fill out a Public Works Service Request and email it to or call Public Works at (805) 473-4530. 

Pavement Cut Policy

The City of Grover Beach has a Pavement Cut Policy that establishes requirements for restoration of the roadway surface depending on when the road is cut with respect to the most recent paving project on that street.  Any cut into any street at any time, requires that the street be restored to City Standards.  The requirements of the Pavement Cut Policy are in addition to those in the City Standards.

Street Sweeping

The Public Works Department contracts street sweeping services to an outside vendor. Please click here for more information about the street sweeping schedule.