Residential and Commercial Development

Looking to develop or redevelop a property in Grover Beach? Depending on your project’s specifics, several different permits may be required. The Community Development Department is the lead department for development permit processing. Please review the requirements listed on that department’s page or contact that department for more information. 

The Public Works Department assists the Community Development Department in development review by ensuring that public improvements, utility connections, drainage, and associated maps (as required) meet City standards and conform to applicable regulations. The Public Works Department also performs associated inspections for these items during the construction phase of development projects. 

Development Review

Your development project may be required to construct public improvements if certain conditions are triggered. Please review Development Code Section 5.20 for more information. If required, public improvements must be constructed to meet City Engineering Standards and Specifications

Your project may also require construction of a new sewer lateral or water service lateral and/or abandonment of an existing sewer lateral or water service lateral. Most projects will require an upgrade to the existing water service. Please review the City’s wastewater system page, water system page, and Engineering Standards and Specifications for more information. 

Your project may be required to underground electrical lines if certain conditions are triggered. Please review Development Code Section 5.40 for more information. 

Your project may also require on-site stormwater retention. Note that ALL projects increasing impervious square-footage will require on-site retention. Please review Development Code Section 5.50 for more information. Additionally, your project may trigger Regional Water Quality Control Board Post Construction Requirements. Please review Development Code Section 5.60 and the City’s stormwater system page for more information. 

Public Works Inspections During Construction

The Public Works Department will inspect the construction of required public improvements, construction of new utility connections, abandonment of old utility connections, construction of on-site grading and drainage improvements, and erosion and sediment control plan implementation during the construction phase of your project. A pre-construction site meeting may be required for your project and any projects that do not schedule a pre-construction meeting prior to work commencing are subject to a stop-work notice. 

Please note that all work in the public Right-of-Way will require an approved Encroachment Permit prior to commencement of work. 

If you are looking to schedule a Public Works inspection, you can call the inspection line at (805) 473-4534 at least 48-hours prior to the requested inspection date/time. Please see the Public Works Standard Inspection Checklist (coming soon) for a list of typical Public Works inspections for development projects. Note that projects may have specific inspections in addition to the ones listed on this document. It is your responsibility to confirm which inspections are required for your project.

Hydrant Meter During Construction

Need a hydrant meter for construction water? Please see the City’s water system page for the hydrant meter application form. Note that all water from the City’s distribution system used for construction must be tracked and paid for through either the use of a hydrant meter or existing property meter. If your property does not currently have a property meter, you will be required to either self-provide water for construction or apply for a hydrant meter. Meter box jumpers and other illegal connections to the City’s water system are not permitted and projects found to be in violation of this requirement will be fined. 

Development Project Street Repairs

The City of Grover Beach has an annual local roadway paving program funded by Measure K-14. Additionally, the City also has a major roadway paving program. For more information on these programs and roadway repairs, please see the Street Paving page. If your project requires that you cut into the existing roadway along your property frontage, you will be required to perform pavement repairs per Development Code Section 5.20.  Cuts in recently paved streets will be subject to restoration per the requirements of the City's Pavement Cut Policy to protect against accelerated pavement degradation. Please email or call Public Works at (805) 473-4530 for more information. 

Existing Utility Information

If you are looking for record information on City-owned water, wastewater, or stormwater utilities, please email or call Public Works at (805) 473-4530. 

If you are looking for record information for non-City-owned utilities (gas, communications, electric) please contact the respective utility provider for more information. PG&E provides electric service, SoCalGas provides gas service, and Charter and Astound provide communications service in Grover Beach.