How is the City informing the Grover Beach community about Measure F-20?

Due to the fact that this is a national election year, local measures often do not make headlines or gain much traction with the media. Therefore, in an effort to encourage a well-informed public, the City is taking additional steps to ensure all Grover Beach residents have access to information about Measure F-20 as a tax measure is an important community decision. This includes website resources (as seen here), an educational video, and regular social media posts to link residents with these resources. To accommodate those individuals who may not be active online, residents will also receive a mailer at the beginning of October with similar information. Residents are encouraged to ask questions; the FAQ section on the webpage will be updated on a regular basis.

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1. Why is Measure F-20 on the November 2020 ballot?
2. What are some of the financial challenges facing Grover Beach?
3. What may happen if Measure F-20 doesn’t pass?
4. How will Measure F-20 appear on the November 2020 ballot?
5. Is Measure F-20 a general tax or a special tax?
6. How will Measure F-20 impact me?
7. Will there be any safeguards in place to ensure Measure F-20 revenues are appropriately spent?
8. How is the revenue estimate calculated?
9. Is Measure F-20 intended to address budget shortfalls related to fiscal impacts of COVID-19?
10. Why does the City need additional funding for street repairs? Doesn't Measure K-14 cover these projects?
11. What would Measure F-20 funds address that our cannabis tax does not?
12. Can’t property tax revenues cover unmet community needs?
13. What are transient occupancy tax (TOT) revenues being used for?
14. What could Measure F-20 help fund?
15. How is the City informing the Grover Beach community about Measure F-20?